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About Us

This is the About File of GiroPets ! On this page, we list information about our website, how it runs, and how you can help us out. To continue, scroll through the categories below.


To read over an Introduction of the GiroPets Website, then please click HERE to view our primary goals and what our website is all about.

Staff Members

Name Position eMail Address UserName
Neon 1 - Owner / PHP Programmer thegiropetsteam

Former Staff Members

Other than the Listed Staff Members above, there have been other Members of Staff who have devoted a lot of effort and time to help make what GiroPets is today. Together, they have made a big difference on how the site is run on a daily basis. This can vary from artwork, programming, moderating, or just friendly help and support. We give all of our thanks to those who used to work for GiroPets - whatever they have done - as it made a difference.

Member Ranking Explanations

We've created a list that tells you what each Member Ranking means through explination. You can read the list by clicking HERE.


To keep GiroPets in the condition it is in now, we have expenses to pay to help keep this site alive. Even though most of the staff members are teenagers, we would appreciate it if you helped us out a little by sending a Donation. To learn more about Donating and how it helps us, then please Click Here for more details.

Where Are We ?

Even though most of the Staff Members of GiroPets are located all over the globe, we've made a map to show where GiroPets originated. The pushpin on the map indicates where it all started. GiroPets HeadQuarters originated in a small town, Franklin Park, Illinois, USA (A small suburb of Chicago).

GiroPets HeadQuarters now resides in a different location than where it all originated. It is now located in Singapore.

This map points out the approximate location where GiroPets first originated. It no longer resides at this location any longer, it is now in Singapore.
Thanks to Microsoft Streets 98, this map was made possible.

Contact Us

Contact us - We need to know what you think !  You can send comments, complaints, bugs that you see on the site, ideas, or anything else. Use the most relevent email that you think fits your situation best.

GiroPets Staff Account - thegiropetsteam

General Enquiries ?

Have you been hacked or Have you seen any abuse ?

Want to advertise your site on GiroPets ?

Have you seen any bugs, slipups, or any mistakes ?

Have questions about donating to us ?

Want to send us suggestions, compliments or complaints ?

Need any general help and support ?
Tue, Mar 28, 2023 @ 05:20:16 PM
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