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Advertise With GiroPets

We are very pleased that you are looking into GiroPets to advertise your website. As an advertiser you will be very pleased with the deals that we have to offer.

Now then, we're going to list a few of the basic things about advertising on
  • Your ad must be either : GIF files (.gif), JPG files (.jpg), PNG files (.png) or SWF files (.swf).
  • Your ad absolutely cannot discriminate anybody, any religion, or any ethnic group.
  • Your ad will expire after so many days, so many views, or so many clicks that you have selected.
  • Your ad must be at least 468 x 60 pixels. It can be smaller, but large enough for users to see. It cannot be any larger than 468 x 60 pixels.
  • Your ad will be shown in order along with other advertisements on
  • Your ad will be shown on all of's pages.
Before we list the ways you can pay, we would like to show you the options you have in your Advertisement Control Panel. You will be able to view your ad(s)'s :
  • Total 'today' click stats.
  • Total click stats.
  • Total 'today' view stats.
  • Total view stats.
  • Total views when your ad is going to expire.
  • Total clicks when your ad is going to expire.
  • Date when your ad is going to expire.
  • Page it links to.
  • Image of your ad (if provided).
  • Name of the ad.
  • Expired banners.
Now that we have that covered, let's get down to the Site DemoGraphics, and payments.

To view the Site DemoGraphics, click the button below to open it.

Our advertising system is charged on a prepaid basis. There are currently two different types of campaign. Text Link and Banner Advertising. We will run your ad campaign for a period time.

Text Link Advertising

Your link will be advertise at the link box on the left below the website menu. The link box will appear on every page of GiroPets site. One month campaign will cost US$20.

Banner Advertising

Your banner (468 x 60) will appear on every page at the footer of GiroPets website. One month campaign will cost US$15.


Please take note that banner advertisements will not appear on 'ad-free' accounts. They will only be placed on normal accounts.


If you are interested in advertising on GiroPets please email our marketing team at please include the following details with your email: Your name, the website url, a link to the banner you want to use, which advertising option you are interested in.

If there are no problems with your request we will send you an email with details on payment. Once your payment is received and has been confirmed by our marketing team your banner will go live.

Please Note: All payments are via paypal, all payments are final, we can not do refunds.

We Accept These Cards Via PayPal

Tue, Mar 28, 2023 @ 04:18:49 PM
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