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You can support GiroPets by donating to us. Donations can be made securely via PayPal by pressing the button below.
All donations are appreciated very much as this helps pay for GiroPets web hosting and huge amount of bandwidth that we use up every month. All donations that are sent to us are for a good cause. Some of GiroPets is paid for through money out of our own pockets (considering that we are only teenagers), so why not help out a little?

What you get when you donate:
  • Donators get 1,000 GP for every US Dollar they donate to us.

  • Donators who donate $5 or more will also get a donators award for their profile.

  • Donators who donate $5 or more will have their account upgraded so there are no advertisements. [More Info]

  • Donators who donate $10 or more will also get a random book from the Limited Edition 'Life Of' series which is not in the main shops. (Book is randomly selected by our server, we can not guarantee you will get the one you want)

Our monthly target is: $150
We currently have: $35
We have reached 23% of our monthly target.
We have not yet reached our monthly target.

A sample of Donator Award

Donator Award

You can make a donation with any of these Cards Via PayPal.

Why is the Monthly Target so high?
The server that GiroPets is on right now is very very expensive and we need donations to help pay for it. Considering that the server that we're on is practically brand new, it doesn't come cheap when it comes to pay for it.

What is web hosting?
GiroPets is 'hosted' (located) on a server that we pay for every month. This doesn't come cheap, so we need a good 'web host' (a company's server that GiroPets is located on) so that the site runs smoothly and does not go down. If the site goes down, then that means that you will not be able to access GiroPets or even read this webpage.

What is bandwidth?
'Bandwidth' is how our web host measures how many people have used GiroPets, we have to buy bandwidth so users like you can enjoy and use GiroPets. If we don't have plenty of bandwith, the site is unavailable until it resets to '0' the next month.

Are donations secure?
Of course they are.

Is GiroPets a non-profit website?
Yes, GiroPets is a non-profit website.

I want do donate using a method other than PayPal. Is that possible?
Yes it's possible. You can contact our donations team at to find out other ways to donate to us. You will still be accredited just as the same as donating by PayPal. Remember - if you want to be accredited for it, you must include your username!
Tue, Mar 28, 2023 @ 05:14:55 PM
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