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Welcome To GiroPets Help v2.0.
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    This Help Topic can help you on your account information.

    Where can I find my account information ?
    It all can be found in the GiroTopia page, found on the main navigation of GiroPets.

    Will GiroPets ever ask for my password ?
    We will NEVER ask you. We have usernames and passwords to them in our DataBases. If someone does ask you for your password, notify us right away at

    Can I modify / delete my account on GiroPets ?
    To modify your GiroPets account, go to the GiroTopia page. You cannot delete your account. It stays in our DataBases.

    What are the 'warnings' amount in my profile for ?
    You get a maximum of 5 warnings in your account on GiroPets. If you spam, swear, etc in the chat, you get a warning. If you get 5 warnings, you account will be frozen. It shows how many warnings you have in your profile.

    GiroPets Help Section v2.0 last updated on
    Thu, Jun 30, 2005 @ 07:51:51 AM GiroPets Time by Mike.
    Please contact us by eMailing if our Help Topics do not satisfy your troubles or to send us a new Help Topic idea.
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