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Welcome To GiroPets Help v2.0.
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    This Help Topic explains everything that you wanted to know about the Community.

    Why is there a 30-second posting limit on the MessageBoards ?
    We set up a 30-second posting limit on the MessageBoards to prevent flooding.

    Why is there a 24-hour wait from when I can post on the MessageBoards ?
    Because you are a new member, you might want to get to know the site a little more by browsing around. In the past we've dealt with a situation where many were registering and flooding our boards. So, we've set up a wall to prevent this from happening again.

    Can I join multiple Clans ?
    Nice one, sorry, but no you cannot.

    How can I administrate my Clan ?
    You can administrate your Clan by clicking onto the Clans page and heading to the 'Admin' link on the top.

    Does my post count add up when I post in Clan MessageBoards ?
    Sorry, but no, your post count only rises when you post on the main MessageBoards.

    Why was my post/topic locked/removed from the MessageBoards ?
    Our Moderators remove, delete, and lock posts when ever they feel that it is necessary. If it was removed, then it might have broken one of the GiroPets Rules. If it was locked, then the moderator decided that the conversation for that topic should end.

    Can I private messenge a member on GiroPets ?
    Yes you can. Mail A User is our private messenging system.

    Can I block someone from Mailing me ?
    Of course you can - this and many more similar options can be found on the Mail Options page.

    I've submitted an article to the GiroPets Highlites and it was not added. Why ?
    We read through every article that was submitted to us. We decide whether or not if it qualifies to be published or not. Stand & Clan advertisements will be removed if they are submitted as an article.

    GiroPets Help Section v2.0 last updated on
    Thu, Jun 30, 2005 @ 07:51:51 AM GiroPets Time by Mike.
    Please contact us by eMailing if our Help Topics do not satisfy your troubles or to send us a new Help Topic idea.
    Fri, Jul 3, 2020 @ 04:55:32 PM
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