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    What is the Job Agency ?
    The Job Agency is a place where your pet can get a job, work at that job, and earn GiroPoints.

    How do I get to the Job Agency ?
    You can get to the Job Agency from GiroTopia. If you are set to the New Map Style, then use the Teleporter in GiroTopia to get there.

    How many Jobs can my pets have ?
    Your pets can only have one a piece.

    How do I send my pet to Work ?
    You would send your pet to work by going to the 'My Pets Jobs' page from the Job Agency, and clicking on the 'Send to work' link.

    What do my pets earn from going to Work ?
    Your pets earn GiroPoints.

    How much GiroPoints does my pet earn for working ?
    Each job varies on how much your pet can earn.

    How do I get these GiroPoints ? Do they automatically get added to my account ?
    You get their payment through Checks. To cash a Check, go to the First and Trust Bank in GiroTopia.

    I gave my pet a Job, how come I'm not recieving any Checks ?
    Your pet probably is lagging from work and got fired.

    Does my pet automatically qualify for a job ?
    No it doesn't. Each job requires a certain amount of intelligence for your pet to have. If your pet doesn't meet the requirements, they won't get that job.

    Wouldn't I just lose GP if I spend a lot of money on Schooling and earn very little from the jobs ?
    Actually, this is false. Your pet will always have the same amount of intelligence, unless you teach them some more. If your pet is fired, then they can get just a good enough job at the Job Agency. It will pay for itself after awhile and you will eventually earn GiroPoints.

    GiroPets Help Section v2.0 last updated on
    Thu, Jun 30, 2005 @ 07:51:51 AM GiroPets Time by Mike.
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