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Welcome To GiroPets Help v2.0.
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    This Help Topic covers all over Registering for GiroPets, and Logging into your GiroPets account.

    How come I can't login ?
    There are many reasons why you can't login. They are :
    • You don't have cookies enabled in your browser. The LogIn page has topics that help you enable cookies, if you don't have them enabled already.
    • You didn't click on the activate account link in the eMail from us. If you don't do this within 48 hours, your account is purged.
    • You have entered the wrong password. If you forgot, click on the 'Lost Password' link.
    • You didn't enter a correct eMail when registering.
    • Your account may have been frozen.
    • We can recommend downloading Netscape. Netscape fixes all login problems. The link to fix this is located at ns/browsers/download.jsp.
    Why does my password show as stars, or bullets when I login ?
    This is for the sake of your account's security. If it wasn't like that, it would save your password on your computer. It is also for where if someone is glancing at the screen, they may see your password. Basically that's why we have it like that.

    Is GiroPets free ?
    GiroPets is 100% free. It will never change.

    Can I have multiple accounts on GiroPets ?
    That question's answer is 'Yes and no'. Yes because you can have multiple accounts. No because it is limited to only one account per eMail address. If you have one or more eMail accounts [not registered on the GiroPets site], you can use those for different account names.

    GiroPets Help Section v2.0 last updated on
    Thu, Jun 30, 2005 @ 07:51:51 AM GiroPets Time by Mike.
    Please contact us by eMailing if our Help Topics do not satisfy your troubles or to send us a new Help Topic idea.
    Fri, Jul 3, 2020 @ 04:38:15 PM
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