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    Everyone on the GiroPets website should know how to be safe. Being safe will allows people, (including you too), to enjoy GiroPets and its' activities without anything bad happening. Though not everyone knows how to be secure, so that's why we made this Help Topic. Read through each of the paragraphs below and you will learn how to be secure and how to have a good time - and not worry about what will happen to your computer, or even yourself.
    Logging Out of Your Account When You Leave the Computer
    This is probably the most important thing that you should do when you leave your computer - LogOut. The LogOut link is located on the upper right hand corner of each of GiroPets's webpages so it can't be hard to notice.
    When you LogOut, you are destroying a cookie that is set in your computer that contains your username and your password (which is encrypted for security means).
    If this cookie is not destroyed, you will be logged in until it is deleted, destroyed, or you click the LogOut link.
    Let's think outside of the box for a few minutes. If you do not click the LogOut link, and you have other people who use the same computer as you, they can STEAL things from you - GiroPoints, Items, anything imaginable - or even change your password. They just STOLE your account and you think a hacker did it. But, really, someone that you know is the hacker.
    It only takes a few seconds to click the LogOut link and get yourself out of a lot of trouble. So, in otherwords, PLEASE, take this seriously.

    Choosing a Difficult PassWord
    When you registered for GiroPets, you may have wanted to choose an easy password - so you can login to GiroPets and enjoy all of its' features without spending a lot of time by entering a password. But, there is another side to this. What could happen to my account if I choose an easy password ? Well, let's see.
    There are people out there in this world where they can't help themselves and hack accounts so they can steal your points and items. They have a huge list of the easiest passwords that people like to use. Here are just a few :
    • 123456
    • abc123
    • abraham
    • dog
    • enter
    • letmein
    • ..Or any other dictionary word
    Try to make your password unique - something that won't appear in a 'PassWord List' that hackers will use. Try adding numbers at the end of your password, extra letters, something that suits you best. If you want to be really secure, you can come up with a password that has random letters and numbers mixed everywhere. If you do this, then try to choose a variation that will sink into your mind.

    Do NOT Write Down Your PassWord
    One of the things most people do is to write down all of their passwords on a piece of scratch paper. Or even more to the extreme, writing their passwords in a notebook. If you do write down your password on a piece of scratch paper, in case you forget, then you might want to try this simple method.
    Tear your password out of the scratch pad, get a piece of Scotch tape, and tape your password under a dresser drawer. No one in their right mind will look under there as there is no need to. If you do need to look at it, you can. :)

    Watching the Pages You Visit
    This is another biggie to watch out for. Not all of the pages on the Internet are safe or are friendly. If you click a link, get redirected to a GiroPets LogIn page, take a peek at the Address Bar URL. If it is not, or, then that is a FAKE LogIn page that is trying to STEAL your password to your account !
    If you do happen to run across one of these pages, please report to us as quick as possible to with the Address of the page that is trying to scam you.

    eMail Scammers
    There are ways for people to send out fake eMails that ask for your username and password. Most of them look so professional that you may actually believe that it was sent out from the Administrators of GiroPets. But, actually it is not. NO ONE ON GIROPETS STAFF WILL EVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD ! If you do reply to the eMail that you recieved from an eMail Scammer, then you just gave away your account ! The best thing that you can do is to change your password before they ever reach it. You can go to and change your password and hope for the best.

    Scammers who visit GiroPets may make a simple program that asks for your username and password and a way to give you half a trillion GiroPoints. But, the truth is that you just gave away your account and just got yourself in trouble with the Administrators of GiroPets. There is no real way to get a trillion GiroPoints by using a program - we know better than that. Read 'eMail Scammers' to change your password and to report the program to us.

    GiroPets Staff Member Fakers
    People may act like that they are a Staff Member and ask you for your password. They're just pretending to be that so they can get into your account and steal all your goodies. Remember these few words. NO ONE ON GIROPETS STAFF WILL EVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD ! If you do get asked for your password by someone, please report it to us by eMailing with the UserName on who asked you. You can review our Staff Member list by clicking onto

    GiroPets Help Section v2.0 last updated on
    Thu, Jun 30, 2005 @ 07:51:51 AM GiroPets Time by Mike.
    Please contact us by eMailing if our Help Topics do not satisfy your troubles or to send us a new Help Topic idea.
    Fri, Jul 3, 2020 @ 04:03:14 PM
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