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If you are unsure of registering for an account with GiroPets, you may need a few reasons why to register an account and perhaps get a little inside view on what GiroPets offers to its' members.

The GiroPets website has been open since January 5th, 2003 and is growing strong. We currently have, in total, 79883 user accounts with approximately 50 - 100 new accounts per day.

We at GiroPets aim to offer our members some of the best online gaming around. We are constantly updating our website each day by adding items, pets, games and attractions, as well as much more. We aim to make GiroPets the best web gaming site that it can be. Our website will be much more fun if you registered an account.

The GiroPets website offers several games and attractions to play and visit to support your virtual pets. All of the games on the GiroPets website are able to earn you points/money (called 'GiroPoints') so you are able to purchase items for your pets. These items are food items, toy items, grooming items, and pleasure items to keep your pet happy and healthy.

The concept of the GiroPets website is very much alike to reality, the world that is all around us. Sooner or later, everyone in this world has to work at a job, live under a roof, and do several other things to survive. GiroPets is very much alike reality because your pets can apply for jobs to help support themselves (by earning money, of course).

You are able to browse the town that the GiroPets website is formed around. This town is named 'GiroTopia' and you can visit several attractions around the site. You can take your pets on rides, play games, run a little stand to sell things that you don't need, and much more.

GiroPets is mainly an educational tool for children to learn responsibilty, care taking, and of couse, staying out of trouble. Those who have broken one or more of the site rules will be punished by a warning or a freezing of their account.

You can communicate with other members on GiroPets though one of the Message Boards, privately though Mail A user, or even publicly in a group which would be called a 'Clan'. Clans can consist of anything possible -- to a favorite hobby to music or even to video games.

So, why not give GiroPets a try ? What is there to lose ?

Convinced ?

Still Not Convinced ?

Tue, Mar 28, 2023 @ 05:49:22 PM
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