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Rules, Terms And Privacy Policy


We have created this Document in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to helping our users and members (registered or not) understand what we expect from the members, list information we collect from them, and also tell what may happen to the information. We have divided this document up into three sections, which includes the Rules, the Terms (Terms and Conditions), and the Privacy Policy (Privacy Statement).

All of the information in this Document will cover over our website, GiroPets, at the following domains.,, and

By using our website, GiroPets, you are expected to read through this Document, agree, and follow what is listed on it. If you do not agree to the Information on this Document, your account will be terminated and/or IP-Banned. Simply by having an account registered with us, this document must be followed. Please take note that this Document can be updated and modified at any time without notice. If you are under the age of 18, we highly recommend you and your parents to review this statement fully. For a printer-friendly version of this Document, please click HERE to view it.

All across GiroPets, we may use 'We', 'Us', 'Our', 'I', and other names to describe ourselves. This is mainly directed to the GiroPets Website and its' staff members.

Rules of GiroPets

We expect that all members of our website, GiroPets, read through and follow the rules listed below. If you fail to do so, your account will be terminated from our website depending on how serious the matter is.

  1. You will not swear on GiroPets. This means in the Message Boards, and Mail A User. Your post/message will be removed.
  2. You will not use a creative way to hide your swearing on GiroPets Message Boards and Mail A User. You will not use dashes or hyphens (-), asterisks (*), bullets (), spaces, or any other character to hide your swearing from our filters.
  3. You will not 'SPAM' on GiroPets's Message Boards, or the Mail A User. ('SPAM' simply means 'Stupid-Pointless-Annoying-Messages'.) This would go towards both text and emoticons.
  4. You will not 'try' to see if a swear word is blocked by our filters or not.
  5. You will not post any thing that is political, social, or religious. We wish to keep GiroPets in no view of this due to the fact that we don't wish to see arguments or fights taking place.
  6. Please make sure that you post in the right category in the Message Boards. We will move the post to the correct category. If a Moderator feels that it is necessary, they have the power to issue warnings or freeze your account. If you post several messages in wrong categories, this would be qualified as 'SPAM'.
  7. You will not attempt to steal, or trick any member for their password.
  8. You will not hack any other members' accounts.
  9. No member is to beg or plead to another member for something. A few examples are Checks, GiroPoints, Items, and Source Codes for Profiles, Clans, Stands, joining Clans, quitting Clans, buying items, to do something, etc.
  10. You will not 'stalk', harass, or annoy any member or member of staff of our website.
  11. You will not be disrespectful to any member or member or staff by throwing out 'Personal Attacks' (simply means that you will not diss, throw out vulgar comments, threaten, or insult another member).
  12. You will not ask other members for house addresses, eMail addresses, Messenger Program screen-names (such as MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, etc), credit card numbers, PINs (Personal Identification Numbers), and phone numbers. This is private information to an individual online and should not be given out.
  13. You will not use sexual, rude, gang-related, and racist names for accounts, passwords, pets, and Clans.
  14. You will not use sexual, rude, gang-related, and racist sayings, quotes, or phrases in profiles, Clan descriptions, Stand descriptions, or anywhere else around the site.
  15. You will not use the GiroPets Website as a dating/mating service.
  16. You will not cheat or scam any part of the GiroPets system. This does include the Games, Shops, or wherever else on the site. If you do find a problem on the site (on accident or told be someone), then please notify us right away. If a bug is found, you MUST report it describing it in detail, and you WILL be frozen for using it to your advantage.
  17. You will not use Programs or Webpages that are specially designed to cheat or scam any of the features on the GiroPets Website.
  18. You will not modify, adapt, sublicense, translate, sell, reverse engineer, decipher, decompile or otherwise disassemble any portion of our website or cause others to do so.
  19. You will not hack into the GiroPets Control Panel BackEnd. We keep logs of who entered our protected area and will take legal action if we find a stranger inside. This does include FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and through our LogIn form.
  20. You will not cyber or take any other related activity with someone on GiroPets. All those who were involved will all be banned.
  21. You will treat others as you wish to be treated.
  22. You will not remove any Copyright, Trademark, or other proprietary rights contained in our website.
  23. You will not post, eMail or otherwise transmit any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.
  24. You will not mention / hint at / or list of any other virtual pet websites on GiroPets. It will not be tolerated.
  25. You will not post content, images, profile codes, or anything else meant for, to do with, and/or hosted by other petsites. This includes links, referral banners, and images copyrighted by the other petsite. This rule also applies to Help sites, Club/Clan/Guild sites, and FanSites that is about or meant for that petsite.
  26. You will not use 'password-protect', 'pop-up window' and/or 'Cookie-Stealing' scripts on user profiles, pet profiles, Clans, and in Flea Market Stands.
  27. You will not use 'Meta-Refresh' scripts on GiroPets to slow down the server load, to refer a member to buy an item, join a Clan, or any other activity related.
  28. You will not advertise GiroPets on any website that does not allow advertisement of GiroPets, including other petsites. We are not responsible for what the other website may do to you, and we are in no way affiliated with the other website.
  29. You will not include any house addresses, eMail addresses, Messenger Program screen-names (such as MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, etc), credit card numbers, PINs (Personal Identification Numbers), phone numbers, any offensive, agressive or sexual material in any part of our website. We reserve the right to remove the content.
  30. You will not pose or pretend to be a member of staff. Please review the Staff Page, found at, to see all members of staff.

Terms and Conditions

The GiroPets website has been open to members of all ages since January 5th, 2003, officially starting Beta-Building on August 1st, 2002, and is growing strong to this day. This is our creation and we are very proud to keep it going. We are very proud to see how far our website can go into the future, but, we don't wish to see anybody stealing our copyrighted work. If you are running a Fan Site, Help Site, or any other related Website to GiroPets, then you absolutely must include this on the footer of all webpages, and must be legible to clearly read.

All images, website content, and any other related media that is concerning GiroPets is Copyright 2002 - 2005 GiroPets, All rights reserved.
Images, site content, and any other related media is used with permission.

You will not use, copy, or plagiarize any of GiroPets's Art (Images and Artwork); HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language), or PHP (Hyper-Text Preprocessor) source codes; Site Ideas/Plots; and Names.

By you using GiroPets, you and your parents are granting us permission to use anything you submit to us and agreeing that anything submitted by you belongs to us, and we may use it in any way shape and form for any purpose which we desire for free. Please make sure if you are under the age of 18 that your parents are alright with the fact that you using and interacting with this site. Please note that all staff members are and over 13 years of age, and we are honest and fair to all members. We expect all members of our website to follow each of the site rules.

Privacy Policy

We as Staff at GiroPets are seriously concerned about your privacy. In this section you can read and learn about the Privacy Policy of our website.

    Information Collection

      The GiroPets website collects and logs certain information about you and your computer in many different places. We use this information for several different purposes.

      Only High-Level Administrators of GiroPets will be able to view your personal information (such as your eMail Address, your IP Address, your computer information, your password, etc). Your information is highly secured by our servers and will not be rented, sold, or traded to any and all Third Party Groups, which would include Advertisers.

    Information Collected & How We Use It

      eMails & eMail Addresses
      On the Registration Form, we require a valid eMail Address from you. We will not send out Mass Mail to anyone on our website. ('Mass Mail' is simply many eMails sent to your account in a very short amount of time). The only eMail that would be sent to your eMail Account would be :

      • When you register for an account, you will get an eMail from us that lists the information that you have provided when you submitted with an activation link.
      • When you request for a lost password recovery, your UserName and PassWord will be eMailed to your account.
      • When you eMail us, we may reply to it.
      • When you submit a Job Application form to become Staff, you will get a reply from us.
      • When you change your PassWord and/or eMail Address. An eMail will be sent out including the new information that you have provided.
      • If your account is frozen, an eMail will be sent to you including the account name, the reason for the freezing, and the method of freezing.

      IP Addresses & Host Names & Proxy Servers
      IP Addresses (Internet Protocol Addresses), Host Names (your hosting provider name), and Proxy Servers are logged and used on the GiroPets website in several locations. We ban these IP Addresses, Host Names, and Proxy Servers who do not follow the rules.

      Computer Information
      We log each users' type of Internet Browser, screen resolution, connection type, the pages that they visit on the GiroPets website (we do not log outside webpages that users' have visited), and Operating Systems (OS) versions.


      The GiroPets website does not use frames (two or more seperated windows on your screen showing two or more different webpages).

      GiroPets actually does link to other websites on the 'net, hence do not link to any bad places with bad content. Please take note that we are solemnly not responsible for anything that happens to your computer when visiting these sites.

      Bookmarks & Favorites
      On GiroPets, there is a link on the site footer for you to Bookmark Us (add to your Favorites list). We do not automatically add our site to your Bookmark list.

      We do not send out any kind of 'pop-ups' (a new Internet Browser window automatically opening to an advertisement or any other type of page) on the GiroPets website. 'Pop-ups' that are used on the GiroPets website are ones that can be clicked by the user. A few examples can be some links, buttons, or images.

      The GiroPets Team is very, very strict on members who hack the site. ('Hacking' is entering closed computer or telecommunications systems without permission; invasion of privacy; and trying to destroy data, computer hardware, computer software, or altering database records without correct use). The Staff of GiroPets will IP-Ban those who attempt to hack and/or do hack the website.

      Computer Viruses
      GiroPets does not send out Computer Viruses ('Computer Viruses' is a type of program/script code designed/created to infect a computer, erase data, scramble/delete/alter other installed programs, or fill up so much memory/RAM that the system is harmed, causing the computer to miscalculate or crash/hang) of any kind.

      Cookies & Sessions
      On the GiroPets website, we set only three cookies onto your computer. One cookie on registration, and two on authentication. GiroPets doesn't use any sessions. A 'Cookie' is a small textfile set into your computer to store important information for your account. A 'Session' is a one-hour timer set into your computer that stores important information for your account.

      Privacy Policy Change
      The GiroPets website can change the Privacy Policy and other site content as it may wish to without notice. We reccomend that you re-review this information every 30 days.

This Page was last updated on Sat, Jun 18, 2005 @ 08:46:06 AM GiroPets Time.

Sun, Dec 4, 2022 @ 02:43:14 PM
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